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Smart installers take note!

A fresh new wind is blowing through the installation industry. Do you want to earn more money? Do you still buy from wholesalers? Then read on because Airsales offers you a better alternative!

Order your products directly from the manufacturer! This is much cheaper and the service is far better. I personally guarantee both the quality and the delivery. I do as I promise, because that is how Iíve been doing business for the past fifteen years!

Call me for a quote and experience a fresh wind in your sails with which you can set a course to a higher margin on your turnover. Airsales means fair sales. I would like to prove it to you.

Kind regards,

Robert Teske
+31 (0)73 599 58 30

Managing Director Airsales

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ETA-line ventilatoren

De lijn van de ETA-Line ventilatoren is nu compleet...

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Vernieuwde Airsales webshop 2010!

Vanaf februari 2010 is de nieuwe Airsales webshop 2010 online.

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